Stryder's Story started when he was a baby and will continue through out his entire life!

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What is Stryders Story?

Stryder is still on the road of being diagnosed. When he was three, he was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but that was taken away when he was 5 because he has an enlarged aortic root dilation (aneurysm) that is large and does not happen in children with EDS. For now, we are calling it unspecified connective tissue disorder

He also has epilepsy and Landua-Kleffner Syndrome. LKS is a rare type of epilepsy, less than 300 people world wide have ever been diagnosed with it. In Stryder's case, he has spikes in his sleep every single second and he also has many other types of seizures. Stryder will have some brain damage and any time his siezures relapse, he will have more brain damage. Prognosis for this type of epilepsy is poor.