Join Stryder’s T-Shirt Challenge! Stryder is having brain surgery on October 1 with Dr. Rekate in New York at the Chiari Institute and he would love your support! Please wear a purple T-shirt on October 1st and support Stryder during his brain surgery- Purple is the color for Chiairi (Kee ar – ee) and Epilepsy.

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Stryder’s T-Shirt Challenge for Brain Surgery

Why Brain Surgery?

Stryder’s brain stem is kinked almost 90 degrees, where a normal brain stem is almost straight up and down. He also has the top vertebrae pointing backwards and sticking into his brain stem. Any hit in the head, minor fender bender or any trauma to the brain can cause death and his chances of falling sleep and not waking up are very high. He also has Chiari Malformation, which essentially means his brain is too big for his head, but in Stryder’s case, we believe it’s because his collagen is faulty and not holding it up in place, which is also why his brain stem is kinked. Surgery will straighten his brain stem, putting plates and screws inside to hold it all up. He will also have what is called a decompression which will make room for his brain to go so it won’t go into his spinal canal like it is now.

Because Stryder has a lot of other symptoms, we don’t know which will improve with surgery and which will just keep things from progressing. Stryder is wearing a cervical collar which has helped some of the symptoms he has had including pain, swallowing and even balance, so we are hopeful that the surgery will improve those things, if not more.

What we do know is that this brain surgery is life saving and as his  top specialists said “We have NO choice!”

Please consider donating to help with upcoming medical costs

September is Chiari Awareness Month

Stryder is having brain surgery on October 1 with Dr. Rekate in New York at the Chiari Institute and he would love your support! Pledge $20 or more and get a T-shirt to wear on October 1 to support him. If you are not able to purchase his special T-shirt, please wear purple on October 1 and then take a picture and add it to his Facebook page or comment below. Let’s see how many people we can get to wear purple for Stryder!

The surgery will include a fusion for his cervical instability and kink on his brain stem as well as a decompression for his Chiari.

If you would rather have a different design, visit Stryder’s T-shirt store.

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One comment

  • Janice Vincent

    Dear Angela – I also wish this entry on Stryder’s Story Blog wasn’t necessary because then it would not have happened. I continuously feel bad that I was late getting on the computer Saturday evening –

    I have a vivid picture of you, Stryder & Keebler stranded at the “unservice” counter in a huge, bustling airport where life was continuing all around you – but you were stalled – stalled by uncaring, unfeeling, self-centered and lazy “customer service” representatives. I’m a strong person but I could have never kept calm, yet forceful as you did.

    An extremely long flight (including a quick layover – which is stressful) – keeping track of luggage, Stryder’s needs & Keebler. How did you manage that, much less the disaster at the airport? Angela – you are one strong “Mama Bear” that’s been demonstrated.

    You should not have been told to “leave” that counter…. How could they look at beautiful Stryder standing there with a brace on his neck and not understand? How could anyone dismiss the need for Keebler especially after you told them “your son could die”?

    In the past few days I’ve developed a “crush” on Stryder…. I think of you, your family, Stryder & Keebler frequently during the day….. I wish everything good for you all…… After you get back home to Oregon, Karen and you will team together to right the terrible and unlawful treatment experienced from Super Shuttle employees. Research on the internet is testament to a continuing practice of Super Shuttle disregarding ADA rules & regulations. This must stopped.

    Angela, you have a foundation of enormous love & support from friends and family at home coupled with the caring and dedication of your 4 PAWS families. They are with you at all times. When need be, close your eyes and visualize the army – they’ll all be right there for YOUR FAMILY – always!!

    6 months ago

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