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Archive for September, 2013

  • Sep292013

    Stryder’s Medical Costs

    Although we have insurance, the cost of all the hospital stays and out of town doctors visits are more then…

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  • Sep282013

    Wish Granted – (Make a Wish)

    We are going to Disneyland! I have never been and neither have Stryder or his sister kasiah. (She did go…

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  • Sep182013

    Word Finding

    Stryder has been doing so great at school this year! He has been coming home in a great mood and…

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  • Sep172013


    It’s been an emotional week. Although Stryder has had the diagnosis of aortic root dilation and Patent Foramen Ovale for…

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  • Sep122013

    NEW Diagnosis on the Horizon

    I knew it was coming… When we went to the EDS conference, one of the doctors told us that Stryder…

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