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2015 Crook County Little League Baseball Game

2015 Crook County Little League Baseball Game
June 12, 2015 Stryder's Mom


Yesterdays baseball game was better than I ever could have imagined. Stryder got there and just didn’t stop smiling. To some, it’s just a baseball game, but to Stryder (and me, mom) it’s so much more. Stryder doesn’t get to play at recesses, he doesn’t do PE or much activity for various reasons. This night was so special and each and every single person played a huge role. The coach made sure to stop when Stryder was showing signs that he was done and was so aware. Some of the older kids were right next to him every step of the way, helping him with rules, telling him when to run and what to say and the whole gang trailed behind when he hit his home run! (Which, by the way Stryder said was his favorite part of the game! – that and winning.) Watch Stryder’s first hit here and Stryder’s home Run here. And yes, he slid on home plate every time. Check out another slide here.

The Crook County Rodders came with all of their pretty cars and Stryder had to get a picture with each one. He said the Yellow one was his favorite, but then said Red and maroon and the truck, and eventually named them all – he couldn’t pick a favorite LOL. The Rodders are an important part of Stryder’s Story and we value them at each visit.

The end of the game came with Stryder getting a home run and then he released the purple balloons, watching them float far, far away! Stryder was SOOOO tired, and could barely stand by the end. (They didn’t do a full 7 inning game, but Stryder didn’t notice-) It was a perfect day and more than I ever expected. Our little Central Oregon Community has been such a HUGE support in our journey!

So many people showed and so many wore their “We <3 Stryder” shirts. It made me tear every time I looked into the crowd! I cannot express our gratitude – to be able to do something he otherwise could not have done is priceless and to quote Mary-Ann:

“To all the parents of the players you are doing an awesome job with your sons – you have taught them not only how to play the game, but to be good sports, compassionate and caring – it was an honor to see them tonight. They made one little guy very happy!”

The first gallery images are pictures my mom took —

This gallery of images was taken with my Phone Camera and also some other Alison and others took:

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