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  • Jan312014

    Day 5 – Friday – Time to hit the mall!

    Stryder and Keebler are beat and I’m not far behind. I think we need to work on their bond a…

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  • Jan302014

    Day 4 – Thursday – True Service Dog

    Another great day at 4 Paws and another exhausting day. Today we saw how Keebler can do what is called…

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  • Jan292014

    Day 3 – Wednesday – First Night

    Another great day at 4 Paws and another possible alert! But man, is it all tiring. All of the commands…

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  • Jan282014

    Day 2 – Tuesday – Seizure Alert and more

    The time seems to fly here at 4 Paws– We learn so much and it’s all fascinating. The day started…

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  • Jan272014

    Day 1 -Monday- Match Made in Heaven

    wow, what a day! I am so amazed at the match 4 Paws did for Stryder. Keebler is amzing and…

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  • Jan212014

    Welcome to the Family Keebler!

    FINALLY, Stryder got his match and boy, are we all excited! Keebler will be joining out family very soon and…

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  • Jan202014

    Front Page!

    Last week a reporter for the local newspaper called with some questions and then asked if he could come by…

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  • Jan182014

    Disney Characters

    I have been meaning to post more about Stryder’s Wish but time and health have got in the way. Hopefully…

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  • Jan032014

    Prineville family seeks man’s best friend to aid son

    Special dog can help boy with rare case of epilepsy POSTED: 4:00 PM PST January 3, 2013 UPDATED: 10:24 PM PST January 3, 2013  A little boy in Prineville needs help. Stryder…

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  • Dec122013

    Make A Wish – November 2013 PT3

    Our first day at Disney was “Magical!” I know it’s cliche, but it really was the best place on earth!…

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  • Dec112013

    Make A Wish – November 2013 PT2

    Our first night at Disneyland we went to Main street and had dinner. The wait was initially 45 minutes but…

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  • Dec082013

    Make A Wish – November 2013 PT1

    We have finally returned from our whirlwind travels. We started out November 26th with Stryder’s Make a Wish trip, came…

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  • Nov262013

    Granting a wish for Stryder

    Created on Tuesday, 26 November 2013 09:55 | Written by Jason Chaney Prineville resident Stryder Doescher will celebrate his sixth…

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  • Nov212013

    Prineville boy granted special birthday wish

    Stryder Doescher headed to Disneyland for 6th birthday John Hendricks POSTED: 2:17 PM PST December 24, 2013 UPDATED: 11:56 PM PST November 21, 2013  video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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  • Oct042013


    I’m not sure if it’s the upcoming tests that Stryder has or if it’s anxiousness about his genetic appointment yesterday,…

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  • Oct012013

    We need your help….

    Did you know that there are more than 50,000 epilepsy related deaths per year? How about breast cancer kills around…

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  • Sep292013

    Stryder’s Medical Costs

    Although we have insurance, the cost of all the hospital stays and out of town doctors visits are more then…

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  • Sep282013

    Wish Granted – (Make a Wish)

    We are going to Disneyland! I have never been and neither have Stryder or his sister kasiah. (She did go…

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  • Sep182013

    Word Finding

    Stryder has been doing so great at school this year! He has been coming home in a great mood and…

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  • Sep172013


    It’s been an emotional week. Although Stryder has had the diagnosis of aortic root dilation and Patent Foramen Ovale for…

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