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Boy Interrupted

Boy Interrupted
January 31, 2013 Stryder's Mom

The Bend Bulletin did a HUGE story in their Health section today on Stryder. Heidi did a great job with it. She explained the fears we have as parents and even how his neurologist feels. One of the things that Dr. Bell has said is that he has seen studies where seizure dogs are alerting to the seizures, meaning that people who have Pseudo  or psychological, seizures are the ones the dogs are alerting to. I researched many service dog companies and chose 4 Paws for Ability because they do more than just say they have seizure alert dogs, they have seizure SCENTing dogs. We have to mail in clothing of Stryders when he is having a seizure so he can smell what his seizures smell like. We talked to many doctors who believe this dog will help and although there is no guarantee the dog will be able to smell the silent ones that we are worried about, it’s our best hope.

A mom whose son died from SUDEP (Sudden unexplained death in epilepsy) when he was 5. She tells she exactly what my fears are and that we must do EVERYTHING to prevent SUDEP. It’s one of those things that parents do not get told, just as we have not. Stryder has had accidents from seizures as well as developmental delays, they have affected every area of his life. 4 Paws will help us determine if his seizures need different medications – We are also looking into monitors as well, we will do what ever we need to in order to get his seizures under control.



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