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Cardiology Appointment

Cardiology Appointment
August 28, 2014 Stryder's Mom


Driving to appointment

Driving to appointment

Stryder on way to appointment2

We finally have some great news! Stryder’s aneurysm looks great! He has grown faster than the dilation so we are on a wait and see with it now! But of course, no appointment can be all good news. Stryder is on some heart medication that is supposed to keep his heart rate down, but it’s not. His heart rate is almost always above 100 and normally above 120. The Cardiologist is very concerned and wants to monitor him for 24 hours to see if it ever gets lower because all of her records in cardiology show it at around 122 – 129. We also found out that Stryder’s PFO is actually an Atrial septal defect (ASD).

Stryder Echo


Stryder EEG







Echo:Stryder Echo 2

I have researched a lot about the PFO, which is a hole that never closes after birth. They are quite common and nearly 25% of the population has one and they are usually not a problem. An ASD can be more problematic and has to be watched. Right now Stryder’s heart is doing good but will need to be treated later. His is large, but it’s not causing any problems and with everything going on, we want to wait for treatment.

Stryder Holter

So, we are on a wait and see about his heart rate and Holter Monitor.


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