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  • Sep132015

    Stryder’s Adventures in Baltimore and Washington DC

    First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Janice and her husband Mark for the WONDERFUL hospitality! They…

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  • Jun122015

    2015 Crook County Little League Baseball Game

    Yesterdays baseball game was better than I ever could have imagined. Stryder got there and just didn’t stop smiling. To…

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  • Apr122015

    A Day at the Farm!

    Today was a great day at Mr and Mrs Deboodt‘s – Stryder doesn’t get to do too much, so it was…

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  • Jun292014

    June 28

    Yesterday was a full day and a successful day in so many ways! I wish I could say Thank you…

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  • Jun042014

    Firetruck Ride!

    What a great day for Stryder! He got to ride in a firetruck and no one else got to! He…

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  • May042014

    First Lost Baby Tooth

    Finally, Stryder lost his first tooth on Friday! We have been waiting and he has had 5 of them loose…

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  • Sep282013

    Wish Granted – (Make a Wish)

    We are going to Disneyland! I have never been and neither have Stryder or his sister kasiah. (She did go…

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  • Jan062013

    Police Cars

    On the news segment we just did, Stryder mentioned that his favorite car was the cop cars because of the…

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