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  • Jan202014

    Front Page!

    Last week a reporter for the local newspaper called with some questions and then asked if he could come by…

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  • Aug112013

    Rhode Island 2013 – Wednesday

    On Wednesday, we started the day with another appointment. This one was with Eric Palmer and he makes braces for all kinds…

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  • Aug082013

    Rhode Island 2013 – Tuesday

    Tuesday morning we went to Scarborough Beach and had a blast. Most of the kids got beat up pretty good…

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  • Aug082013

    Rhode Island 2013 – Monday

    This past week has been packed full of good memories and good friends as well as a lot of appointments!…

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  • Aug062013

    ENDF 2013 Conference – Rhode Island

    This week was so informational, busy and chocked full of the most amazing people and appointments. I want to have…

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  • Jul122013

    New Braces and more Updates

    I really need to take time to update this page more often, but to be honest, I have been feeling…

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  • Jun052013

    Dr. Francomano Phone Consult

    Yesterday I had a phone consult with the leading connective tissue geneticist worldwide-(in fact, Dr. Francomano is leading the New…

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  • Jun032013


    Wow – it’s been a while for updates, so I suppose it’s time… Stryder is doing okay. He is hurting…

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  • Feb232013

    Dr. F – Baltimore

    This will probably be a long post, okay so there is no “probably” about it–I don’t even know where to…

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  • Jan052013

    Stryders Story

    Special dog can help boy with rare case of epilepsy

    I wanted to say a quick note on why we chose to go with 4 Paws for Ability instead of other choices in our search for a seizure response dog. I have searched and searched on which was the best way to get a dog for our son and it hasn’t been easy. I began my search a long while back, prior to getting the most current diagnosis of LKS and decided on 4 Paws then. There are a lot of organizations out there that have “Free” dogs or even some where you do not have to fundraise quite as much, but all of them that I found either have a long waitlist (5-15 years), do not place dogs with children and especially not ones that will go to school with the child or they do not have seizure detection. I have got some messages trying to help and then I find myself researching all over again, only to find that 4 Paws is the best avenue for us. Most trained dogs cost in the upwards of $20,000 to raise, so asking for $13,000 is a small price to help Stryder from more brain damage.

    I wanted to site an email I got just recently from our search on a dog:

    “There are several programs that I recommend you consider.  Before I list them I want to talk about money.  If you want the best tool for your son, it is important that you are not looking for a “free” dog.  Most programs will ask you to fundraise a part of the training cost. ”

    Kristin Hartness

    Executive Director, Canines for Disabled Kids



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