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Service Dogs

  • Sep302014

    Super Shuttle Denial of Service

    Anybody that follows Stryder’s Facebook page already knows this, but I need to post it on his web page as…

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  • May092014


    Stryder had an appointment in Baltimore again on April 14. These appointments tend to only be one day and I…

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  • Mar192014

    Thank You & Keebler Meet and Greet!

    I’ve been working behind the scenes, trying to find a way to say “Thank You” to everyone who has supported…

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  • Feb242014

    Seizure Work

    Keebler has been amazing from day 1 — I haven’t posted a lot about the seizure alerts he has been…

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  • Feb172014

    First Week of School

    It’s been one week and one day since we got home with Keebler and I’m still beat! I’ve been going…

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  • Feb062014

    Last day of class…tomorrow is test day!

    The last two days have been super busy and like always, we are so tired. This morning Jeremy decided to…

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  • Feb032014

    Day???? – Mall Practice

    I have no idea what day we are on, but I do know we go home in 5. I’m not…

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  • Jan312014

    Day 5 – Friday – Time to hit the mall!

    Stryder and Keebler are beat and I’m not far behind. I think we need to work on their bond a…

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  • Jan302014

    Day 4 – Thursday – True Service Dog

    Another great day at 4 Paws and another exhausting day. Today we saw how Keebler can do what is called…

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  • Jan292014

    Day 3 – Wednesday – First Night

    Another great day at 4 Paws and another possible alert! But man, is it all tiring. All of the commands…

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  • Jan282014

    Day 2 – Tuesday – Seizure Alert and more

    The time seems to fly here at 4 Paws– We learn so much and it’s all fascinating. The day started…

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  • Jan212014

    Welcome to the Family Keebler!

    FINALLY, Stryder got his match and boy, are we all excited! Keebler will be joining out family very soon and…

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