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December 30, 2012 Stryder's Mom

Things have been so crazy, with all the Doctor appointments and trying to get ready for our appointment in Baltimore on Jan 15, that I just haven’t sat down to do an update.

First, Christmas: WOW! We got so many things that we wanted and more and thanks to the Sparrows and G5– Stryder got every single thing he wanted and so did Kasiah, plus the family got some extras: gas cards, food cards, and even photo sessions and more. I can’t wait to hang family pictures on the wall. I have only one of me and the kids that was done for a project called “Pictures in the Park” and that’s it. Of course I take lots of the kids, but Kasiah does not like me posting at all so I have to sneak them in when I can. Oh and did I mention, Santa came and gave the kids a present Christmas morning – Thank you everyone for a perfect Christmas!!!!

I need to also add a plug to help with a service dog for Stryder — Please visit the page 4 Paws for Stryder to help

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