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Day 3 – Wednesday – First Night

Day 3 – Wednesday – First Night
January 29, 2014 Stryder's Mom

Another great day at 4 Paws and another possible alert! But man, is it all tiring. All of the commands have to be adhered to exactly. One of the things I always forget is when correcting, we say “No” first then the command and I usually say just the command. I’m learning, but Keebler is so wonderful that there are not too many commands he has to be corrected on and he is so sensitive that it doesn’t take much effort for him to realize what he has done.

Today, we learned how to make Keebler bark. They used a treat that they use in seizure related training and said we could take some back to the hotel in a baggy but I forgot it, so when we practiced a little while ago, Keebler  just stared at me and tried shaking or other things to make me happy. Eventually, we will get Keebler to bark when Stryder has a seizure.

One of the other things we learned was “Place”. Keebler has a mat and once we say “place”, he will find the mat and stay there-even for hours if needed. Of course we will work towards that, but Jeremy said that if he will  place for 30 minutes, he will for 3 hours, so we shouldn’t have a problem with that.

Another favorite that we did was distraction. The dogs were in the middle of the room, two or three at a time, and they played ball, put food down and threw toys towards them to see if they would break command. Then they placed food around and we walked and sat and “down” the dogs in front of the food and corrected if they messed up and went for it. Of course, Keebler didn’t budge and just ignored it, even when walking he broke the “Heal” command just to get further away from it. It was cute.

Of course, there is a lot more that we learned and went over the things we have done the last couple of days. It’s exhausting, but so worth everything we have learned. These dogs are so well behaved and smart; every time Jeremy teaches us something new, I am even more amazed.

We were allowed to bring Keebler to the hotel tonight and once in the room, Keebler just kept following Stryder around. I love seeing the bonding already—Keebler does wonderful with Stryder and Stryder sure does love him. One of them men in the group sits near the bathroom and he came to me and said that he heard Stryder in the bathroom singing the entire time “I love Keebler and Keebler loves me…” haha, I love it!

We have a few more things to practice before bed and then I will update tomorrow how the night goes and if there is an alert for any seizures during the night.


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