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Deboodt Family Donation of Butcher Lamb

Deboodt Family Donation of Butcher Lamb
May 27, 2015 Stryder's Mom

Deboodt sheep

Grace Deboodt has generously offered to donate a butcher lamb to Stryder for sale. The lamb can be purchased for $300. They will feed out the lamb, buyer can have it butchered where ever they want, but they are asking Butcher Boys to donate their fees!

The lamb will be approximately 160 pounds: leg of lamb, rack of lamb, lamb chops, roasts, and lamb burger. That usually yields about 90 pounds of meat. If you check lamb prices….. the lamb could easily go to $400 and you would still be ahead of the game. PLUS….this in NOT New Zealand lamb…… this is home grown, petted, loved-on lamb; the lambs are grass fed and finished with corn, oats and barley for excellent taste!

Please contact Grace Deboodt for more information on how to make the purchase –
(or contact us by email or form and we will forward the information.)


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