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Disney Characters

Disney Characters
January 18, 2014 Stryder's Mom

I have been meaning to post more about Stryder’s Wish but time and health have got in the way. Hopefully more updates will be coming soon!

One of the best memories I have of the entire trip is when the characters in the Disney circle all came and surrounded Stryder!


Now the back story —

Mad Hatter noticed Stryder’s wings from the airline and asked him to choose which jobs all the characters got on the plane- of course Stryder was the pilot, the Hatter was Co-pilot and then he went on with each one. When asked about Alice, Stryder said that she would be in the back of the plane. The Mad Hatter took this to mean that he didn’t want her on the plane, but what Stryder meant was that she was a stewardess- The Hatter made Alice go in the back when they initially took the group picture and you can see her pouting- I thought it was so adorable!

MAW Disneyland 2013-Crowd-56


They did let her come to the front for the final picture though:

MAW Disneyland 2013-Crowd-52