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First Week of School

First Week of School
February 17, 2014 Stryder's Mom

It’s been one week and one day since we got home with Keebler and I’m still beat! I’ve been going to school with Stryder and Keebler, training the teachers and aids and making sure Stryder and Keebler are good. Of course they are great and all the teachers have been wonderful too! I have learned a lot in the last week and have one more week to go. I was so glad for the weekend though- but my weekend has been packed with lots of to-do’s, so I still haven’t had a day off.

I’ve been riding the bus with Keeebler and Stryder. Brandi, the bus driver, put down some carpet for Keebler and he knows exactly where to go on the bus. All the kids love him and we let them pet him just prior to getting off the bus.

Keebler on the bus


Everyone is doing great with Keebler and I’m not worried at all about the transition to next week when I won’t be there. It’s been an amazing experience. The kids have been great and so patient, too. With the school’s help, we are implementing a no petting policy unless Keebler is wearing a blue bandanna I got from Pet Smart. There are a few that still ask, but once I say no, they realize what they are doing. It’s actually rather cute. We will be doing something with the dog as a reward system of some sort to help keep the kids on track. I’m excited about the things Keebler will get to do in the coming years at the school too.

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Saturday brought a volleyball tournement for Stryder’s sister, Kasiah and they won silver! She worked so hard and was so proud- I am so proud of her too! Keebler was a great cheerleader and watched over the games. Stryder said that she won because he was giving her magic-

2014-02-15 11.55.50 2014-02-15 15.45.06 2014-02-15 16.15.34 2014-02-15 08.34.49 2014-02-15 11.48.45




And of course, we can’t end the post without the famous cuddle pics of the BFFs.

There was no prompting on any of these:

2014-02-17 11.19.58 2014-02-17 11.21.27 2014-02-17 11.22.29 2014-02-16 21.00.44

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