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Front Page!

Front Page!
January 20, 2014 Stryder's Mom

Last week a reporter for the local newspaper called with some questions and then asked if he could come by and take pictures. I was quite surprised because it was so random. I knew that the schools were doing some fundraising, but I didn’t realize it was all the schools in Crook county and didn’t know that they were working so hard on it. I didn’t ask the reporter any questions, only answered the ones he asked. My sister in law was with me when the reporter first called and was there when he showed up and asked “Does that happen often?” Well, no, but I suppose more than most. Styder has been in the paper and news many times and knew exactly how to take great pictures.

I am proud he is spreading awareness and proud of our little area. These children and young adults are so selfless and helping us when they do not have to. I am honored to say I live in Prineville, OR  and wanted to also post here what I posted on Stryder’s Facebook page:
[block_quote cite=’- Angela ‘] I just read the article in the Central Oregonian about getting Stryder’s new dog: Raising money 4 Paws- I have to say that I am blown away at the amount of support we have locally. I “knew” the schools were involved, but I didn’t know how involved! When people donate money to Stryder’s account at Mid Oregon, I have no way of knowing who donated, I can’t really say Thank you individually, SO this is my great big HUGE thank you to everyone in Crook County and especially the children (young and old) in the school system. Each and every one of you has made such an impact. Not only are you helping bring back Stryder’s dog, but you are surrounding us with love and that’s a wonderful feeling when struggling with medical problems and fears~ please pass my thanks on to those that are not following this page, I hope EVERYONE knows how much we care and how we feel so loved each and every day! [/block_quote]

You can read the full article on the Central Oregonian Site