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Fundraisers- and Thank you!

Fundraisers- and Thank you!
June 16, 2014 Stryder's Mom

This last Saturday, we had a car wash fundraiser that went very well! Thank you to everyone who helped wash cars and to those that came and donated. I am always amazed at this little community and the support and hope that everyone knows how much it means to us. It’s hard dealing with all of this medical stuff, but it’s easier knowing we have support. We are truly blessed with love and prayers!

I also met the man inside Smokey the Bear– he was great (don’t worry, we didn’t tell Stryder).



Also, they had another Zumba fundraiser- I love them Zumba gals, they look like they are having so much fun!!!!! Check out the news story that was written while the Zumbathon was going on!  I heard the article was great and informative, so thank you to Kevin for writing  it up and following our story.



The next fundraiser will be a Golf and dinner. I have heard some people say they don’t know how to golf– well so what! LOL — We don’t care and would love to see you there anyway. 🙂 If you really, REALLY can’t or won’t golf, then there is a dinner after- We are also looking for companies that would like to sponsor a hole and also auction items. Please consider passing this along and let’s see who we can get to sponsor….or help.

Download the flier here 

gold for stryder

Dinner with Stryder



And now for updates:

Last Thursday, we had a Skype consultation with Dr. Rekate at The Chiari Institute (TCI). He was very nice and loved talking to Stryder and Keebler. He said the same thing we have heard many times over: Stryder is very complicated! As I have mentioned before, Stryder not only has Chiari, which can be pretty scary in of itself, but he has extreme Cervical Instability making his brain stem kink. Usually surgery is critical and immediate when a kink is less than 125 or in some 135 and a Grabbs Oakes score is over 9mm -Stryder’s Clico-Axial Angle was measured by Dr. Rekate at 115 and a Grabb Oakes measurement was 9.5; it is a critical and unsafe. The Dr said that he absolutely cannot have Chiari surgery without a fusion and some other things taken care of and it’s an extremely dangerous surgery.  He wants to have a diary of every symptom that Stryder has for two weeks and then we put a collar on him for two weeks to see if the symptoms decrease and in the months end, email him. I have since emailed him some of the reports from Dr. Francomano in Baltimore and also from the Mayo and he is confident we are on the right track and has even wrote back on the weekend. Unfortunately, because there are more than one issue and because of the overlaying problems, we have to make sure that we fix everything at once and also make sure that it won’t kill him trying. It’s not an easy place to be in, but we are taking one day at a time and documenting everything. If you know Stryder, you know he does not complain at all. I told him we must write all the pains and hurts he has, and oh my word does he have all kinds of pains and headaches and numbness. I had no idea!  This is the collar he will be wearing, so please be easy on him when you see him around town. Dr. Rekate said he would send a prescription, but Shriners said they would order it if we knew what kind, so I think that’s the route we will be doing just to keep everything in one place.


I’ll be sure to update as we hear more…


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