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Fundraising has officially started!

Fundraising has officially started!
January 4, 2013 Stryder's Mom

I wrote up a press release on Wednesday and sent it off, not expecting to hear anything for a week or so, but instead got a call right away from John and the KTVZ news station. John came out yesterday afternoon and by 5, we were on the news. I am so excited to get started but at the same time, it seems like such a long ways off-but I have to start somewhere and every day without an alert dog is a potential day of damage.

Stryder has had quite a few speech problems today as well as language; he had a seizure last night and I suspect that it may have been due to that. The seizure he had was one I could see, I just make sure he is safe and let them happen. It’s the silent ones that really scare me; we can’t see them, nor can we see the hurt they cause.

I wanted to also say “Thank you” to all the people that have donated, even the $10 and $5 make huge difference. We are on our way to reaching our goal and it couldn’t be done without the help of the great community. I am not able to see the ones who mail anything in until after the 15th or 1st so if I do not say thank you, please understand that I will make sure to send a note as soon as I can. Stryder is a trooper as usual and is looking forward to sleeping on his own when he gets his new pal2013-01-03 19.47.45

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  1. Ray Cuellar 4 years ago

    First of all, as a Police Officer I have a weekness for little kids. I’m a firm beleiver that they are truly our future. I saw your son’s story and it litteraly broke my heart. I have to say your son looks like a very sweet boy and reminds me of my grandson.

    With all that said, Myself and others in our department are in the process of putting together two fund raisers to cover some of the cost of the dog purchase. I hope to have that completed by the 2nd week of Febuary.

    I will be checking this web site daily and hope the funds for the dog grow fast.

    I’m truly honored to be part of this for you and you family and I hope your son get’s the dog real soon.

    Thank you,

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