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Haircut— and Stryder’s T-Shirt Challenge

Haircut— and Stryder’s T-Shirt Challenge
September 1, 2014 Stryder's Mom

The other day we were talking to Stryder about his brain surgery. Not a lot of details, but enough so he would know what to expect and that we will be going to New York and things like that. As we get closer we will tell him more, but for now, just the basics so he knew what we were talking about when people asked or even brought up his neck brace.

After the “chat”, he seemed distant and worried so we asked him what was worrying him. His response: “Shaving the back of my head!”
Stryder has sensory processing disorder and hates to be touched, heat, cold, loud noises, etc. For his first hair cut, we took him to a salon that worked with children and he was about two or three. He sat in the chair and you could tell he was anxious, but he wasn’t crying or hysterical. All of a sudden, he started throwing up all over the poor lady. I really had never heard of SPD and didn’t know how deep it was for a child dealing with it, until that moment. Stryder wouldn’t let anyone cut or touch his hair without the overwhelming fear.

My husband had been going to Cougar Cuts here in Prineville and he would take Stryder with him, hoping to get him used to the idea and also used to his barber, Erika. One day, it was time for his hair cut- I held my breath and although Stryder was uneasy, he made it through without any incident. Now, Stryder gets his hair cut there every 6 weeks or so and has for the past few years with no problems at all and this week, Erika did a special cut and went with a short buzz on the back of his head- I think it looks great, don’t you:



So as we prepare for surgery on October 1, we are asking everyone to join Stryder’s T-Shirt Challenge. I loaded a map below so you can see all the states that have bought a shirt so ,far- pretty amazing!!! And also, I am working on getting Dolph Ziggler with the WWE to wear one of Stryder’s shirts. So if you have a good contact, please let me know – or please just post on his Facebook page and tell him Stryder really wants to see him in his shirt.

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Join Stryder’s T-Shirt Challenge! Stryder is having brain surgery on October 1 with Dr. Rekate in New York at the Chiari Institute and he would love your support! Pledge $20 or more and get a T-shirt to wear on October 1 in support of his brain surgery that day.

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