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Is it sad that I get excited about seeing a local pharmacist?

Is it sad that I get excited about seeing a local pharmacist?
December 26, 2012 Stryder's Mom

Today I was at Walmart getting my nails filled in (My sister in law got them done for a Christmas present). I do them at Walmart because 1.) it’s cheap and 2.) I can get them done while my family shops.

As I was there, a lady sat next to me, getting hers done too. She had mentioned that she was the pharmacy owner in Madras (another small town in the area.) I asked her if she was in the commercial with Sean, he is the owner at the Clinic Pharmacy here in town. She said yes and I told her how much I love the service, they stay open if I call ahead and have been so helpful, always ready with the prescriptions. All the people there are wonderful and unfortunately, know us by site. She asked if we went to the grand opening  they had this summer, and of course we were, we even won the grand prize of $1000. My husband didn’t have a job at the time because they closed down the call center he worked at (and I haven’t worked since 2007 because of Stryder’s health), and we were still having to deal with Stryder’s medical problems. She said she was so happy to meet me, as Sean had told her all about our family and how happy it went to people who really could use it!

I know, it’s not such a great thing that the highlight of my day is meeting someone who knows our pharmacist, but when your life really involves them in so many ways, that’s just what happens.

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