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June 28

June 28
June 29, 2014 Stryder's Mom

Yesterday was a full day and a successful day in so many ways! I wish I could say Thank you to everyone by name, but I am so afraid that I will miss so many that I am only going to name a couple. First, Angelia Wagner, Stryder’s teacher! She has been amazing both in the classroom. Barbara Schultz, she also works at Stryder’s school in the office. Tera Rozewski who happens to be my sister-in-law and by best friend but she also worked at Cecil Sly this last year and has been a huge support to me emotionally- and then Mr. Jim Bates, the principal there (Jim has told me often that he is not the organizer of these events, but he has been at ALL of them and his words at the auction last night really meant the world to me). Cecil Sly is an amazing school and the Central Oregon Community is the best in the world. So many people came to the auction and golf tournament yesterday, people I had never seen before, people that only heard Stryder’s story and were touched. I am forever humbled and thankful for everything!

The day started off somewhat early with Stryder, Keebler and I in an old car with Otis and his wife. Tera, her boys, Angelia and her girls, Mrs. Struck, MRs Sartell and her children too and also friends and I know I am forgetting a few,  were all there along side holding the banner and selling wristbands. It was amazing to hear everyone on the parade route saying Hi to Stryder. He was waving the whole time, sometimes with both hands! Keebler kept falling asleep but then I’d wake him once in a while to make an appearance. It was a lot of fun and Stryder had a blast being in it.

2014-06-28 09.55.32

2014-06-28 09.57.29 2014-06-28 09.55.32 2014-06-28 09.51.15

I am bummed because I took more pictures, but the battery on my phone is bad and most didn’t stay in my phone. We ordered a new one under warranty and they sent the wrong one so I’m still waiting. In the meantime my phone calls are short and the pictures are rare.


2014-06-28 14.26.43


Later that night, we went to Meadow Lakes Golf Course for dinner and to say Hello to all the golfers that joined the tournament. I heard there were over a dozen teams! Goodness, that’s a lot of support and most stayed for the dinner too! It was a great evening!

2014-06-28 17.13.01 2014-06-28 17.13.05 2014-06-28 17.13.09


Stryder even to do a little golfing too! He hit his first ball and it just about went in. They let him keep trying until he made it!

2014-06-28 16.40.42 2014-06-28 16.39.33 2014-06-28 16.40.17

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