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Last day of class…tomorrow is test day!

Last day of class…tomorrow is test day!
February 6, 2014 Stryder's Mom

The last two days have been super busy and like always, we are so tired.
This morning Jeremy decided to use Keebler for the roll over trick and Keebler would not roll over. It was skittles funny but also embarrassing. Its a simple command and Keebler didn’t want to do it for the life of him. We sit next to Stephanie and her husband JD and lets just say JD had fun making fun of Keebler. The great news is that Keebler does an awesome job alerting to Stryders seizures. Yesterday Stryder ran up and Keebler did a perfect alert and even barked at it, which none of the dogs have done. He also alerted to a diabetic high this afternoon. He was sniffing and licking Natcha’s hand just like he does Stryder so I told her she needed to check her levels and sure enough it was high. She went to a few other dogs prior and none of them alerted. Jeremy reminded us that because of that, Keebler will likely alert to others at school who not only have seizures but diabetes. 

Keebler and Stryder made new friends and got to have an evening of play. Both the dog and Stryder had a great time playing and when we went to leave, Stryder cried. Keebler was nuzzling up up and rubbing, just like he is trained to do. Even JD was impressed and he knows what these dogs can do, but to see it in actionis amazing. I felt bad for leaving Stryder and the dog with JD while his wife and i went to dinner, but it was great to have a few minutes without having to watch the kids.


Stryder has wanted to cuddle with me before bed, but now I can tell him to cuddle with his dog. What a relief for me to be able to send him to his bed and not worry as much.

When we began this journey, I thought I knew how training would be, but I was wrong. I have heard how hard and exhausting this is, again, I really had no idea. I am beat. There is so much to learn and so much to remember.  All of the formal training is over and tomorrow we have our public access test. I’m really nervous but I know Keebler will do great as he is perfect where it counts and Stryder lives him. (I kind if think Keebler loves Stryder, too)


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