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Make A Wish – November 2013 PT1

Make A Wish – November 2013 PT1
December 8, 2013 Stryder's Mom

We have finally returned from our whirlwind travels. We started out November 26th with Stryder’s Make a Wish trip, came home for a day and left December 2 to John Hopkins. Stryder and I were supposed to be back December 5th, but flights were cancelled and delayed where we finally made it in our Door at Midnight December 7th. I’m still adjusting to the flying and time change, but thought I needed to start posting an update on his Make a Wish trip to Disney!

I will be putting the posts up in sections, so be sure to come back and see the whole story.

We got picked up from a limo service on November 26th. Stryder has a love for cars, so anything extra special is amazing to him and that goes for limos too! The day before, he was so excited and had so much energy and kept talking about the limo that was going to show up.

The hotel was amazing and had a great view of California Adventure land:

MAW Disneyland 2013-11