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Make A Wish – November 2013 PT2

Make A Wish – November 2013 PT2
December 11, 2013 Stryder's Mom

Our first night at Disneyland we went to Main street and had dinner. The wait was initially 45 minutes but then another young lady came and said no ten minutes but then took us straight back to have our dinner- Stryder also got a birthday desert-


Blowing out he candle

Blowing out the candle




We made it back to watch the fireworks from the hotel pool- They were beautiful, but we also watched them in the park and it was an even better experience!

After the fireworks, we had a great view of  World of Color from our room. The hotel also plays the music and dialogue on the TV in our room. We watched the live show and it was also a better experience front and center. We saw things we didn’t see from our room, but you can’t beat the view!


Make sure to come back and see what we did on our first day in California Adventureland with the Lightning McQueen and Mator!