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  • Aug242014

    Stryder’s T- Shirt Challenge!

    Join Stryder’s T-Shirt Challenge! Stryder is having brain surgery on October 1 with Dr. Rekate in New York at the Chiari Institute and he would love…

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  • Aug172014

    Softball Tournament

    It was so nice to see everyone at the softball tournament yesterday! It really means more than any of you know and really helps keep my…

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  • Aug132014

    Brain Surgery is coming….

    As Stryder’s brain surgery date comes closer , I find myself starting to worry more and more about it. I have often started thinking about what…

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  • Jul132014


    I really need to update this site more and I apologize for not posting as much as I should. For those on Facebook, you can like…

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  • Jun292014

    June 28

    Yesterday was a full day and a successful day in so many ways! I wish I could say Thank you to everyone by name, but I…

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  • Jun272014


    Real quick post to those that don’t do Facebook — We have over 120 items for the auction.  Items will be on display at Meadow Lakes…

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