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Seizure Work

Seizure Work
February 24, 2014 Stryder's Mom

Keebler has been amazing from day 1 — I haven’t posted a lot about the seizure alerts he has been doing, but it’s been amazing!

There are two things that happen with seizure work. The first is the pre-alert and the second is assistance and alert during the seizure. Keebler alerted to a seizure the second day of class, but we were not sure at first if that’s what it was because he was new to us and it takes time to get to know the dog. Seizure alerting is a fun game to the dogs and they like the game. In Keeblers case, he pre-alerted by nuzzling in Stryder’s ear and licking it intensely. Another time, Stryder was across the room and Keebler was sniffing in the air and as Stryder got closer, he barked. He did this right in front of Jeremy, the head trainer, and it was no doubt what Keebler was doing. Keebler’s sister also did a pre-alert to Stryder and this was done just minutes after Keebler did his in Stryder’s ear.

We are pretty familiar with Keebler’s Pre-alerts and alerts, but it’s still amazes me every day.  Just this last Friday, Keebler alerted at school too. It was a small sniffing, but he stood and just sniffed at Stryder and this was the first time in the last two weeks he even stood up on his own, so we were watching what he was going to do. Mrs. Wagner saw it and it took her a minute to grasp what Keebler had done. I’ve been watching Stryder’s seizure activity at school because we feel that his seizures may be happening when his brain is the least active. The bus driver said that she has seen many seizures on the bus, but so have all of Stryder’s previous bus drivers in the past years. Stryder is usually very tired on the bus, so this would explain the seizure activity during the quiet moments.  Stryder rarely has a seizure during the day, but we know that he is having staring seizures quite a bit and has had a few other types as well, luckily they are rare and the staring ones are not dangerous except that it can be a predictor of the ones he will have at night or the more serous ones.

Keelber has been doing a great job pre-alerting and even barking to let us know without question. He has barked at the Dr office though, and it threw me off. It was only one bark, but it was obvious to me what he was doing, but not to anyone else in the office. I have to get better at explaining that he is doing his job. We are still learning what the signs are and Keebler is learning when he is to bark and when he thinks he is not supposed to. His favorite thing is to come to our room and whine, staring at us at the door until I get up and go to Stryder. It’s really cute, but I would rather he just did the bark and got me out of bed.

During a seizure, Keebler will bark until someone comes to Stryder. Keebler has been perfect during this and has even done it when Stryder is playing around on the ground, which is totally fine. Keebler has become a master at letting us know when Stryder is having a seizure that involves any kind of movement. Rob, Keeblers trainer, did an amazing job working with him on this.  I am amazed daily at what Keebler can do.

Keebler is a welcome member of this family. He alerts almost nightly to seizures and keeps our little boy safe at night among a thousand other things.



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