PRINEVILLE, Ore. –Dressed up in a plaid button-up, clutching a stuffed animal, Stryder Doescher appeared to be a normal 4-year-old Tuesday afternoon. But his mom, Angela knows he’s not.

“He can have an aneurysm at any given moment, anywhere in his body,” she said.

Stryder suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare disorder with gut-wrenching symptoms.

“He can twist his legs completely around,” said his mom. “His shoulders now pop out, his hips pop out, and you can’t give him a shoulder ride without something dislocating.”

Stryder is so fragile, he cannot stand to be hugged. His tiny chest is caving in — smashing his heart and lungs.

The disorder is taking over his entire body.

“He’s squishy, his skin stretches — it’s getting pretty severe,” Doescher said about her son’s condition.

So severe, doctors told his parents to be ready for Stryder’s life to be cut short.

“He may not live past the age of 6,” doctors told Doescher.

Stryder’s not even old enough for first grade — but he’s probably been on more plane rides than you or I. He’s constantly shuttled to hospital after hospital — mom and dad by his side.

“There’s some new things that they’re trying, but no cure,” Doescher said.

No cure but always more bills.

Thankfully — Sparrow Clubs caught on to Stryder’s story and offered to help.

On Tuesday, the non-profit threw a garage sale-type fundraiser in Prineville.

Stryder’s mom is overwhelmed by the support, but not surprised as her little guy makes a big impression on everyone he meets.

“Everybody comes to him and just without even knowing anything says, ‘There’s something about him,'” she said.

Doescher told us she, too, suffers from the syndrome that Stryder struggles with, but, her body does not react the same way to the disorder. If you want to learn more about how you can help Stryder, visit