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Stryder’s Adventures in Baltimore and Washington DC

Stryder’s Adventures in Baltimore and Washington DC
September 13, 2015 Stryder's Mom

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Janice and her husband Mark for the WONDERFUL hospitality! They have driven us everywhere and taken great care of us. Today, we had a FULL day going to the aquarium and  then they had a friend that drove us around Washington DC. I have always wanted to go to Washington DC and we have been so close coming to Baltimore every year. Brian, our tour guide for the day, did a great job showing us EVERYTHING he could. I am in awe of everything we saw and still giddy. Stryder loved it too and never got bored. His favorite part was the dolphin at the aquarium, though — but he is adamant that he will be President one day, and I believe him!

We come to Baltimore once per year/year and a half and usually it’s so stressful trying to find ways to appointments and how we will eat, etc. This time, we have Janice! Her and her husband Mark are so wonderful. Stryder loves Janice, too, and keeps asking when she will have breakfast with him! It’s quite funny how often he asks this- 🙂 This is the first time we have had an appointment so far away and felt great about the time we have spent here and not have to worry how we will get from place to place. There is so much more about the day I would like to write about, but it’s been so long and I’m ready for bed.

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