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Welcome to the Family Keebler!

Welcome to the Family Keebler!
January 21, 2014 Stryder's Mom

FINALLY, Stryder got his match and boy, are we all excited! Keebler will be joining out family very soon and this is the letter he sent to Stryder:

Subject: Dear Stryder

Hello buddy!

My name is Keebler cuz I am a cookie from the Cookie Litter! I like my name because on TV it says that Keebler cookies are uncommonly good and I am certainly good and like to think that all 4 Paws dogs are above the rest and so uncommonly good too! :0) Also, I am sure I was made by elves. I saw the commercial where these elves in trees were making Keebler cookies! Okay so my Mom is Oasis and my Dad is Caepor and we are Golden Retrievers of the English variety so my siblings and I are white. English Goldens are white or like me a very light creamy color. Why they don’t call then White Retrievers instead of Golden Retriever is beyond me but who understands man? My birthday is 2/19/2013, and I am boy, and we can celebrate my birthday together. Please bring me a ball! I love to play ball and I love to run and play with my brothers and sisters too! Some of them are in class with us! That is way cool! I was raised in the 4 Paws prison program Mission Pawsible and I love this program. The inmates have nothing else to do but be our best buddies and friends as we wait for our partners! After prison I did my advanced training here at 4 Paws and now I am ready for you! Hurry to Ohio!  Xoxo Keebler


As you can imagine, we are ecstatic about him and already love him! Keebler will help in so many ways and it really got me thinking today- Recently there have been many deaths due to SUDEP (Sudden unexpected death in Epilepsy) that I have fun into and then I also got a newsletter with a statistic saying that 1 in 150 people with uncontrolled epilepsy will die from SUDEP. It’s fact that I need to be aware of but I can’t let it take over; Keebler couldn’t have come at a better time. I am also looking into getting Stryder started in swimming and will feel so much better having Keebler there watching over him. And then there are Stryder’s aneurysms which Keebler is not trained to detect, but we hope with bonding he will alert to a change. It’s better than what we have now. I can go on and on with how much Keebler will be helping, not only Stryder, but Mommy too!

After finding out that Stryder and Keebler will be best buddies, I wanted to look for other pictures of him and couldn’t find any. I watched as others got pictures of their new family members and I couldn’t find a single thing on Keebler and how he has spent the last year. Someone did post a few pictures of him when he was little and at the puppy house:


But that was it- I still had no idea what he did or who he was with at any given point~ That is until today! I got the best email telling me all about Keebler and how he grew up. Can you just say “Proud Mama”?!?!?!
[block_quote cite=’- Kelly’] Angela,

I saw your Facebook post about additional pictures of Keebler. I have several I will send you in separate e-mails. He is one-month old in these pictures.

Keebler was sponsored by a Vacation Bible School from Summerside United Methodist Church based in Cincinnati, OH. In July, he and I went to surprise the kids.They had no idea we were coming. All they thought they would get to do was to see the attached pictures of him. He was only five months old when we visited, but he was a rock star and let all of the kids pet him (there were over 100). The kids competed, boys against girls, in a Change Challenge to see who can raise the most funds. They raised close to $1,200!

Along the way, I sent updates and pictures of him to the Church, and I’m hoping a few folks from the Church will come to the graduation. If they do, I would love to get pictures of you all together.

Congratulations! You are getting a great dog! I never went out in public with a dog as young as Keebler. He was outstanding! As a result, he accompanied me several more times as a 4 Paws ambassador and even spent two nights at my house. He is a sweetie!

Just look at how adorable he is. We love his little mustache under his nose and his ears that are darker than the rest of him – this is Keebler at 1 month old:


Here Keebler is 5 months old:


And then I got a link of Keebler at the Country club- You can read the story on the 4 Paws page

Yes, it looks like Keebler knows how to win everyone over:


And I had to say, this little balloon dog looks very similar to the one Stryder played with at the EDS conference last year:

Suzee Louis and SDIT, Keebler

Suzee Louis and SDIT, Keeblerballoon dog


Here are the last pics of Keebler when he was 10 months old- I now feel like we really know him, thank you Kelly for all the wonderful emails!


We can’t be happier with Stryder’s new match and can’t wait to meet him in 6 more days!

I will try hard to update as much as I can on the training and I’m sure along the way will be lots and lots of smiles and giggles!