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Word Finding

Word Finding
September 18, 2013 Stryder's Mom

Stryder has been doing so great at school this year! He has been coming home in a great mood and happy, like he had been a year ago, before school started. Last summer we didn’t go to a single Dr. appointment except neurology. We didn’t do speech or any other therapy; it was a great summer. Then, school started. Stryder went downhill so fast! He was having very bad seizures and aphasia, a side effect of Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (LKS). It was really bad! He didn’t want to go to school and cried a lot about it and anyone that knows Stryder, knows that is just not like him.

This summer we kept things as normal as we could and went to speech and many appointments including several across the US. I was so nervous about him starting school and we met with the teachers and therapists and special ed teachers and nurses and many, many people. I felt really good about what he was going in to. His teach, Mrs. Wagner, is awesome. She is caring and kind and really loves Stryder and Stryder loves her. This is the first year that he is 100% happy and comfortable from the get-go.

Mrs. Wagner emails me every day and tells me about his day and today I found out he is 1 of 6 boys that are top in reading! Can you believe that?!?! The school is teaching site reading and Stryder is a genius when it comes to visual ques, so it is working wonderfully for him! LKS destroys the language processing part of the brain, so reading by sounding out words really wouldn’t work too well for him. I am so glad that he can get a good head start and it doesn’t help that he had 3 years of pre-school to help (and with great teachers there too!) We are fortunate that Stryder has a great support system and a wonderful school that is behind him 100%

Last night, Stryder had a rough night, with a lot of seizures. He woke at 1 and went to the bathroom and still had seizures the rest of the night. He wakes up wet from these awful spells and hates the feeling. It’s been a couple months since his last episodes like that and I was hoping that we were over it. I always worry about how it will affect him the next day, but he always wakes in a great mood, in true Stryder spirit! He seemed to have another great day at school and said that he played soccer and LOVED it. “It’s the best game ever!” he said. Tonight at dinner we had corn on the cob and he was asking for “address” to be put onto it. I couldn’t figure it out and he kept saying that dad puts it on his corn sometimes. I thought he was talking mayonnaise, and he said no, so I kept asking. He was getting mad that I didn’t know what he was talking about. I totally lost my way in what to ask, for hints, trying hard to figure out what address was. Finally, I asked him if we had any and if he could show me: Dressing! It was ranch, salad dressing. This is a great example of the word finding he has trouble with after a night of seizures! It’s frustrating for him and for us. I was really hoping that we wouldn’t see that part of LKS again, but I also know that’s not realistic. LKS will rear it’s ugly head often, causing permanent damage if we don’t control it. Hopefully tonight we won’t have the same episodes. I guess on a good note, we have to send in shirts for the seizure dog he is getting in January and we have a good “dirty” shirt to send to his new dog.

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